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- 13 Jul 2013

Coffee at Cafe Fez - Amie Mason copyright 2013

Coffee at Fez – Amie Mason copyright 2013

Last Monday Amie and I woke up and decided we wanted to go out for breakfast. We each had the day off and had not seen much of each other in recent days due to work and other commitments, so we ran through the list of our usual favourite places that served good food and coffee.

Unfortunately, as many of you will know, Mondays are quite often the day off for a lot of restaurants and cafes, the weekends and days leading up to it being the busy periods. Pretty much all of the places we would usually visit were closed and those that weren’t were a little further away than we wanted to travel.

Luckily I remembered Fez in Mt Lawley, a cafe that a friend of mine had recommended recently the quality of their coffee, and jumped on the net to see if they served breakfast too.

Cafe Fez - Amie Mason copyright 2013

Fez – Amie Mason copyright 2013

Turns out they did and, after offering a quick prayer to the all-powerful internet for saving us yet again, made the short trip to try this Morroccan/Mediterranean inspired cafe.

Fez is located at 83 Walcott Street, the corner of Walcott and Raglan Road, in what is a distinctively-shaped and kitted-out building. Amie in particular loved the interior design and furnishings, very well matched up with the stated theme of the place.

Cafe Fez - Amie Mason copyright 2013

Meguez at Fez – Amie Mason copyright 2013

We sat and were greeted by friendly wait-staff who took our coffee order while we perused the menu, which immediately gives an insight into what Fez is all about – a mixture of Continental, Mediterranean and French cuisine. Meguez (Morroccan spicy sausages), Spanish omelette, Berber traditional breakfast (meatballs in a rich tomato sauce), Tuscany beans and marinated feta were just some of the interesting choices on offer.

Our coffees arrived and were excellent, actually the best coffee I had had in a while. A well-rounded taste that was strong, but not overly so, and, most importantly, hot. Sounds simple doesn;t it, serving coffee that is not luke-warm?  You would think so, but too often it isn’t.

Cafe Fez - Amie Mason copyright 2013

Fez free range eggs with grilled cherry tomatoes, avocado, spinach and herb feta – Amie Mason copyright 2013

Our food arrived and didn’t disappoint. I had the Meguez in a Roma tomato, Kalamata olives sauce with baked free-range eggs and labna served with olives ciabatta. I also ordered a side of bacon because, well, it’s bacon…I love bacon.

The dish was excellent. On arrival, I thought it might be too heavy, but not so. The sauce and sausage combination was surprisingly light, and the egg and labna topped it off with a richness that didn’t overpower it. Spicy, yes, but perfectly balanced and super-tasty. The olive ciabatta was a highlight

Cafe Fez - Amie Mason copyright 2013

Fez tables – Amie Mason copyright 2013

Amie chose the Fez free-range eggs with grilled cherry tomatoes, avocado, spinach and herb fetta cheese on toast. Also a winner, this dish was made with excellent quality ingredients that really lifted it above the simplicity of its parts. It’s testament to this fact and the talent of the chef that Amie ate the tomatoes – she hates grilled tomatoes.

I’m unashamed to say we polished off our food in super-quick time, such was our enjoyment of it, and were very pleased we had made the choice to try what was, for us, a new place to eat.

After glancing at the lunch menu, I can tell you it won’t be long before we are back again.


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